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This poem is dedicated to my Aunt Kim, who passed away November 8, 2011 (I slightly referenced it in my post “How Hard Can It Be to Be Thankful” when I said “I will also recap my wonderful life another time, because this month has been just as dramatic as the rest of 2011…” Well, it is time I did so.)

On a day where remembering is inevitable, I would like to take an opportunity to say a few words about my Aunt Kim. For years, she was loved from a distance. She lived in Texas with her long-time boyfriend Wally. In early August 2011, Wally lost his battle with cancer. About a month after that, Kim came to live with my father, her brother, and joined our grieving, crippled family unit. It took a few months to become adjusted, as we all healed. Just as we were becoming accustomed to our new routine, November 8, 2011, Kim was involved in an accident, and was taken from us too soon.

To Kim, I know the pain you were going through, we all did, and I hope you found happiness again with Wally. We will forever love you and miss you!

Steel Reserve

Guilty relief.
A special person,
A tragic end.
overtaking grief.
A painful instant
to take the pain away.
Finding happiness
in sadness-
A broken heart
repaired by a crash,
But missing a beloved piece
amongst the shards.
The tape is down
and life
is in the opposite direction.
Forever touched,
Always grateful-
thankful for the time
we shared, the smiles
that break through
from beyond the past
to touch the future.
At rest-
A Guilty Relief.

[November 12, 2011- 4:44am]