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I only had 25 letters (including spaces!) to work with, when I was deciding what I wanted written on my mother’s urn. Everyone else was getting things like, Beloved _____, Forever in our Hearts, etc… As a writer, I couldn’t have something so cliché. So, after become very frustrated for many days, I looked up the word Dawn. After reading the definition…

1: the first light of day
2: the earliest period
3: an opening time period
1: become clear or enter one’s consciousness or emotions
2: appear or develop
3: become light

Synonyms: appear, begin, develop, emerge, glimmer, initiate, lighten, loom, open, originate, rise, show itself, unfold

… the words spilled out of my mouth, and I immediately got a pen and paper, wrote them down, and counted the characters. With spaces and no punctuation– 25 characters exactly.

And they have comforted me ever since. Knowing the first anniversary (for lack of a better word, I will call it milestone) was rapidly approaching, I sat to write…

This is for you, Mom!

Dawn Dying is an Oxymoron

Wife. Love.
Bitchie. Mother.
Sister. Friend.
Beginning to end.
Beauty rises
as the sun
opens her eyes
to awaken
every possibility
the hearts
of those she touched-
even the darkest
shadows of doubt
long enough
to never be forgotten.
A light so bright
she awakens
even if
the skies seem
grey- unfolding
the mysteries
of the darkest hour-
a beacon of
truth and reflection-
even as she rests,
the world turns
and time
creates more distance.
Nurtured seeds
still sprout.
Strength reserved,
from the depths
of memory
and promise,
a garden of comfort
powerful enough
to withstand
the hardest,
longest rain.
Tears cried-
But never died-
Living on
through every Dawn.

[February 20, 2011]