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Well, don’t I have a lot of writing to make up for?! Thanks to those of you who voted on my post for a new “writing day”! Tuesday was the winner, and I am very excited to get started writing regularly again! So, here we go…

This year WILL BE better than last year!

As you can see by the post’s title, I wanted to talk about my New Year’s resolutions.  It is the end of January, and I can honestly say, I have broken EVERY resolution I wrote down on the 1st.  But honestly, it is not something I’m stressing over. (And those who know me personally know I stress a lot!)

Here is the list I wrote the first day of 2012–

  • Find a job (don’t take ‘no’ for an answer!)
  • Get a car and/or fix the Monte Carlo
  • Quit smoking… again!
  • Work out at least 60 minutes a week
  • Write at least 2x a week (and/or 2500 words)
  • Conquer my fear of the basement… and finish it!
  • Keep on top of the house’s finances (pay bills 2x/mo)
  • Learn how to be a “good housewife” and take care of my house (cook and clean regularly)
  • Join/start a book club (or read at least 1 book a month)
  • Go back to school
  • Meditate 5-7 times a week
  • Take vitamins daily

As I stated earlier- I have broken all of them! And that is when I realized… these aren’t January’s resolutions, I have all of 2012! It would be crazy to think that I could wake up one morning and change my life completely.  But now, I wake up each day with the understanding that as long as I accomplish something on my list before I go to bed, I haven’t betrayed my list.  Instead of thinking of them as resolutions, I believe they are GOALS for 2012!

I have sent out countless resumés, and had at least 2 interviews this month. That’s twice as many as I had last year! So, I haven’t given up on my first resolution. And I won’t!

I can’t afford my Master’s this year, but that won’t stop me from going back to school. Right now, I am enrolled in an editing course online.  After that is completed, I will do something else- whether it is teaching myself Latin (or finally Spanish) or enrolling in something else, I will continue my education somehow… which should also help me on the job front! And it is not just my brain that needs a workout!

I want to become a certified Zumba instructor this year too, which not only fulfills the resolution about the job AND the workout (AND I am using the training as my deadline for smoking. I quit for over a month once, I can do it again!) but it also fulfills a promise I made to my mother to keep on Zumba-ing! I just need to find a certification class that doesn’t get sold out before I register!

Everything else will need to come with making my new routine work. As long as I keep working toward my resolutions, IT WILL WORK! I’m not in a rush, but I still want to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my good days, and I still have some bad. But productivity, whether it is visible or just personal, is working to put back together the broken resolutions, and paving them into lifestyle goals.  By the end of this year, I will be happy if I can check off half (no, make that most) of my “resolutions” and say I never gave up.

the important resolutionsIf everyone would just resolve to be a better person, we wouldn’t have so many broken resolutions on January 31st. What resolutions have you made/broken? Leave them in the comments below, and let me know what you think. Am I crazy? Did I forget anything?  I will be back next Tuesday (the latest!) to talk about some other things… What would you like to read about? (I have some ideas on what I would like to write, but more wouldn’t hurt!)

Keep reading, sharing, and never forget *Peace and Love*~ Cr@zyFoXXe